For love, and following the man I love, I moved from Zaragoza to Paris, where I settled in 1997. Thanks to the freedom and curiosity found in a new culture, and seduced by the artistic environment of Paris, I followed a training in the Fine Arts workshops by: Antonio Ros, Remy Aron and Jacques Vigot.

Following a career in international strategic management, I decided to dedicate myself at the same time to artistic creation, making the management universe a source of inspiration in my works.

As an artist and humanist entrepreneur, art seemed like an obvious way to link my two profiles.

Duality has been the object of reflection in my paintings. My work is a symbolic trajectory with comings and goings, ruptures-continuities, to create the hybridization of my two cultures and my two profiles, and to accept without prejudice: the richness of difference.

My art is an ode to life, paying special attention to color, shape and light to convey a feeling of joy and freedom. Abstraction allows me to express my emotions and allows the viewer to project their own imagination on the canvas.

I invite the viewer to pause, in the acceleration of our society, to open a new poetic gaze towards the world, towards the unknown, towards difference…, and observe to see what we do not want to see.

I propose a space of freedom to think differently, stimulate a critical spirit, dream, imagine, create … and commit to being an actor / artist transforming your own vision.

Since 2008, Lina Martin Calvo exhibits regularly between France and Spain.

Medium used: Acrylic paint, mixed techniques on canvas or “marouflé” paper.

It is registered at the Maison des Artistes under the number MD72005.

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What if you transform your company into a work of art?

How can artists be a source of inspiration for managers in the face of uncertainty?

To what extent are the observation and questioning of certainties the basis of the artists’ work?

What points do artists and managers have in common?
Artist and manager, two professions so different and so close at the same time.

We imagine them in different worlds, working on issues that have nothing in common. Yet more than ever, these two professions share the same reality: organizing and moving through uncertainty and chaos.

Creativity is the first common denominator of the artist and the entrepreneur. Innovating, sharing, being recognized and a perennial project are, therefore, certain similarities between these two professions.

Currently, we need hybrid minds, with a different framework of thought, capable of leaving their comfort zone, their experience, their discipline; it is essential to create links between different fields.

For this reason, thanks to my profile as an artist and entrepreneurial entrepreneur, I decided to associate “Arte & Management”, in order to question, reveal emotions, think “out of the box” and create a hybridization between leadership and art. This new position of “leader / artist of transformation” opens up new perspectives for us to think differently, reinvent new solutions, and perpetuate the culture of creativity and innovation in the company.

Our proposal:

  • Organization of exhibitions in the company
  • Creation of collective works (team building)
    Inspiring and interactive conferences “Art &
  • Management”
    Business innovation workshops “Art Thinking”
  • Coaching through art

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