Lina Martin Calvo


She was born in Zaragoza (Spain), since 1997, she has lived and worked in Paris


Lina Martin Calvo has developed her artistic career with several artists:

2013-2017               Painting, Beaux-Arts Ateliers in Paris: Antonio ROS BLASCO

2010-2013               Drawing model, Beaux-Arts Ateliers in Paris: Rémy ARON

2005-2010/              Painting, Atelier Les Halles: Jacques VIGOT

Mediums used: Acrylic paint or mixed media on canvas or mounted paper

She is registered at the “Maison des Artistes” with the number MD72005.

She is member of: “Association Artistes at the Bastille” in Paris and “The 100, Atelier Commun Concept” in Paris, and “Artistas Plàsticos Goya” à Saragosse.




Individual exhibitions

June 2015 : “À l’origne”, CIC Iberbanco, Paris 14th

Sept 2014-January 2015 : “Lumière et ombre/ luz y sombra”, Mélia-Vendôme Concorde, Paris 1st

April 2014: “Lumières” Galerie Hôtel Tryp in Saragosse, Spain

April-May 2013: “Allers et retours/Ida y Vuelta”, Sala Barbasan – Fondation CAI, Saragosse, Spain

May 2012: “Mouvement/Movimiento”, CIC Iberbanco Opéra, Paris 2nd

January-April 2011: “Recuerdos/Souvenirs” Mélia-Vendôme Concorde, Paris 1st

Sept – Nov. 2009: «Si proche, et si lointain », La Maison des Pyrénées Atlantiques, Pais 1st

Sept – Dec. 2008: “La mer et le rouge”, Novotel – Chatêlet les Halles, Paris 1st

Collective exhibitions

April/May 2018: “Hybridos”, Auditorium of Zaragoza, and Gallery of Artists Goya-Aragon, in Zaragoza, Spain.

Mars 2017: Collective exhibition at the Glacière, Mairie Paris 13th

January 2016: Mudanza, Fondation CAI, in Zaragoza, Spain

2013-2017: Ateliers Beaux-Arts Paris (Nemousine, Everything must disappear…)

October 2012: « Le mouvement et ses allégories », Galerie AAB, Paris 20th

From 2012 – today: Annual collective exhibition with « Proyecto Hombre – Postales del Limbo » Zaragoza, Spain

June 2010: Sarria – Putxet – Barcelona 2010, Spain

Since 2011- today: Annual collective exhibition with Artists at the Bastille

            2018 : “Toi Emoi”, Espace Commines, Paris 3ème

            2017: “Hybrides”, Espace Commines, Paris 3th

            2016:  « Promenons-nous dans les bois » Espace Commines, Paris 3th

            2016 : « Citoyen, un homme du monde » center Victor Gelez 11th

            2015 : « Chroniques ». Bastille Design Center. 11th

            2015 : « Lumières et transparences », CLAJE, 1-3 rue Victor Gelez 75011 Paris

            2014 : « PassWorld ».  Salle Olympe de Gouges, Paris 11th

            2013 : « Même pas mal! ». Bastille Design Center. 11th

            2012: « Ephemères ». Bastille Design Center . 11th

            2011: « Pigments Gourmands/Pigments Violents ». Bastille Design Center. 11th


Since july 2016 : Galerie Art Actuel, Paris 8th


« La pintura sin fronteras de Lina Martin », Luz y Calor (Paris), n°79

« Más que color hay luz; el color es universal, la luz es particular », El Periodico (Zaragoza) April 2013

 Conferences Art&Management

« Velazquez: another look at the excellence, innovation and risk-taking »

« From Velazquez to Picasso: inspiration and transformation, rupture and continuity »

Presentation note

Lina Martín Calvo was born in Zaragoza, Spain.

Since she moved to Paris in 1997, she developped at the same time with her professional career, an artistic career at the Ateliers des Beaux Arts in Paris, with Rémy Aron, Antonio Ros and Jacques Vigot.

Since then, Lina Martin Calvo has been exhibiting regularly in Spain and France.

She claims her painting as an act of life using abstraction to translate emotions and awaken those of the viewer.
A space where the imagination is revealed by subtle compositions of light, shapes and colors. Her sensitivity, her emotions and her feelings are revealed by releasing his own form of expression allowing the spectator to project himself into his world and his emotions.

Her painting has the influence of her Spanish culture, “it provokes a feeling of primitive freshness and measured vital joy.”
Lina Martín Calvo accumulates energy, life and feelings, then arises the need, compelling to release them on the canvas, listening to herself intuition.

Lina Martín Calvo’s painting is an intimate journey in the light and harmony of colors. It is a return to Spain through his eyes. His motto “color has become my freedom”.