A journey into the state of art

Art travels and makes us travel… With a group of French artists, I started the year 2022 with a nice artistic journey that began in Paris, at the Artes gallery. We continued in Venice in the Scoula Grande of San Teodoro. And the beauty of places continues on our art route in Spain in a beautiful castle, in Monteagudo de las Vicarias.

What a beautiful adventure we have created thanks to Gorgonio Sanjuan, president of ITACA, and Margarita Asuar, president of AGA. Both beautiful people who are convinced that artists and their art must be visible and make themselves visible. 

I had to organise a selection of French artists to go on this adventure together. It’s fantastic! to make different artists want to go and exhibit in other countries. To be confronted with new ways of looking at things, and to go and see what is happening elsewhere with a new eye. 

In all artistic periods, artists have travelled and gone to discover, look at and explore new cultures to allow them to feed their inspiration.  has always played an important role in this. “Mecenes” have always played an essential role in giving visibility to artists.

Thanks to Gorgonio Sanjuan and Margarita Asuar, for taking to heart this essential role in this adventure.

This journey has just begun…., but it is far from over!